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The students at Immanuel School are split into four ‘houses’, overseen by their House Captains. The houses are named after four inspirational men and women who exemplify some of the characteristics and qualities we would like the students in school to aspire to have themselves.

School Houses



Jackie Pullinger has spent much of her life living and serving in the Walled City in Hong Kong; her work among drug addicts and gang members has had an amazing impact; she has seen lives turned around and many people coming to know Jesus Christ as their Lord. Now that the Walled City has been demolished, her work in Kowloon continues to this day - she is an amazing role model for the young people in Immanuel School.



William Booth is the founder of the Salvation Army in the East End of London. This amazing ministry showed God’s love in practical ways - feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, providing for orphans and helping those in need. He was a man whose motto ‘Go for souls and go for the worst!’ led him into dangerous places, taking with him the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is estimated that he saw nearly 700,000 people give their lives to Jesus throughout his ministry. We are excited to present him as a role model for the children in Immanuel School.



Heidi Baker is a missionary who has spent over 35 years caring for orphans; serving, feeding and educating the poor in Mozambique. She has seen many amazing miracles - her testimonies about seeing blind eyes opened as she has prayed are well worth hearing. Her motto ‘stop for the one in front of you’ speaks of her compassion for people – a love that has impacted lives. We believe she is an amazing role model for the children in Immanuel School.



William Wilberforce – one of this nation’s great abolitionists – was a man who discerned God’s calling for his life in his pursuit of the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade. A man who came into a position of political influence at a defining moment in history, we see William Wilberforce as a man of character and integrity who we have chosen as a role model for our students.

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